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Updating from: Windows 10 Home, version 1803 to Windows 10 Home, version 1903

Instructions specifically for the Dell Inspiron 5570 with two internal hard drives

Error: The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during MIGRATE_DATA operation

Problem: Update seems to have a problem with the secondary hard drive on the laptop

Hardware: Dell Inspiron 5570 Signature Edition laptop, one 120GB-SSD hard drive with the Operating System, one 1TB-SATA hard drive for additional storage

Solution: Temporarily disable the secondary hard drive


  1. Print this guide and have a pen and your cellphone camera handy
  2. Restart and enter the BIOS
    • - When the screen darkens, repeatedly press “F2” until “Entering Setup” appears in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen
    • - BIOS WARNING #1 - Look, but don’t touch anything else. The BIOS sets up all the hardware for the computer, then turns over control to the Operating System. If you are not familiar with working in the BIOS, just follow these instructions closely. Using this guide, you will only make ONE change at a time by unchecking ONE box.
    • - BIOS WARNING #2 - If what you see on your computer looks different than what you read here, I recommend writing down exactly what changes you make. This will help you undo what you did, or make getting further help (if you need it) much easier. Another suggestion is to put your phone’s camera in landscape mode and take pictures of your screen – before and after you change something. Anything you can do to help you put it back the way you found it when you’re done is way better than winging it, losing all your data, and having to take it to Geek Squad.
  3. Navigate by expanding the menu
    • - Settings – System Configuration – Drives
  4. Uncheck the box next to SATA-0
    • - If you don’t have the Dell Inspiron 5570 laptop but have 2 internal hard drives and you want to try this change anyway, you might have to use trial and error to figure out which box to uncheck for your secondary drive. It’s easy to undo and won’t hurt anything.
  5. Click “Apply”
  6. When the pop-up box comes up, check the box to save custom configuration
  7. Click “Exit”
    • - This will restart the computer
    • - Once it restarts, check to verify you no longer see the secondary hard drive
    • - If you do, repeat steps 1-6 and try unchecking another hard drive
    • - If you uncheck the hard drive with the operating system on it and restart, it will go through a diagnostic process, beep loudly, and tell you it doesn’t have any operating system to boot. Just reboot, and recheck the box for the last disk you just tried.
  8. Proceed with the update as normal
  9. After the update, check again for additional updates and apply as necessary
  10. Once all the updates are complete, repeat steps 1-6, checking the box by SATA-0
  11. Check to verify you have regained access to the hard drive
  12. You’re done.
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